Author Marketing Services

It’s an exciting time to be an author!  Now, more than ever, there are so many outlets and methods of getting your book in front of  readers that it can be a bit overwhelming.

Let Woodpecker Press help you sell your books from your own website or set you up to sell your book on the world’s largest bookseller,  Or both!

We can also format your book to be read and purchased for popular ebook readers such as the Kindle and Nook and several other ebook formats in-between.  Depending on your sales objectives, we can match the right book distribution and sales channels with your personal and business goals.  And helping you with blogging and social media marketing services will help you reach and connect with a larger audience than you ever thought possible.

We Offer The Following Services


A blog is the best way to build an audience for your book(s).  Readers love to connect with authors, and having an interactive blog is the best way to create a community of ideas surrounding your book.  You can discuss characters and background story information that brings a depth and level of engagement with your readers that will increase your fan base and help you sell more books.

Blogs are also the central hub for all your other marketing efforts, whether it be online marketing efforts such as Facebook, Twitter, or email marketing, or off -line marketing efforts such as book signing dates and appearances.  All our blogs include:

  • Customized WordPress website based on the premium Socrates template
  • Up to 3 pages
  • Integration of all existing social media assets
  • Include Google Analytics to measure website traffic
  • Domain name assistance and setup
  • Install on hosting account*
    INVESTMENT:  $1,900
  •  Call to discuss

*We offer annual hosting for an additional $120 per year.

For Sale By Amazon

Selling your books on the world’s largest bookseller is easy with the For Sale By Amazon program.  We’ll get you listed on and ship them a supply of your books, which they will stock in their warehouse and send to buyers when purchased.

  • Set up For Sale by Amazon (FBA) account (Amazon fulfills orders from inventory we send)*
  • Coordinate first shipment of books from publisher to Amazon warehouse
  • Coordinate relabeling of books via Amazon criteria
  • Set up FBA sales page on, including description and book cover graphic
    INVESTMENT: $600
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*$30 a month paid directly to Amazon via credit card;  Amazon also charges a 55% commision on each book sold

PayPal Setup

Want to sell your own books, fulfill your own orders, and keep 100% of the profits?  We can setup and install a PayPal shopping cart on your site to enable you to do exactly that.

  • Set up your own PayPal account
  • Set up and configure PayPal shopping cart to handle payments and shipping fees
  • Install on one website
    INVESTMENT:  $500
    Price: $500.00
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Create Kindle Version and Install on

The Amazon Kindle has become such a popular ebook reader that popular authors like  David Baldacci and Amanda Hockingare are selling millions of Kindle versions of their books.  Combine the growing poularity of the Kindle with the power of selling your book in the store and you’ll have  winning combination to reach new fans and readers.

  • Format book for Kindle
  • Set up Kindle store account (separate from For Sale by Amazon account)
  • Set up Kindle store sales page with unique ISBN you provide
    INVESTMENT:     $500
    Price: $500.00
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    *Maximum sale price for Kindle version is $9.99;  Commission to Amazon is 30%.

Smashwords Account

Smashwords is a popular destination for ebook sellers and readers.  Getting your book in the Smashwords store will expose your work to a whole new audience.

  • Listed in iTunes store
  • Create a Nook version
  • Create a Kindle version (but NOT listed in Amazon Kindle store)
  • Create an epub version
  • Create a PDF version
  • INVESTMENT:   $600 
    Price: $600.00
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Commissions to Smashwords run from $15% to 40%

Buying More Than One Package?

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