The Adventures of Meadowlark and His Passion for Golf Featured in NorthJersey.Com!

Woodpecker Press is proud to have one of its recent publications, The Adventures of Meadowlark and His Passion for Golf, a unique children’s book about Meadowlark, the tiny, big-hearted bird who is on a mission to learn how to play golf, then teach other birds how to play, featured in NorthJersey.Com. The book was written by Judith Tilton, who is also an author from the Big Bold Business Advice Book Series, and her grandson, Jake Magaldi.

You can read about the book and the authors’ process of writing it by clicking here.

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The Adventures of Meadowlark and His Passion for Golf, by Judith Tilton and Jake Magaldi


The AdveThe Adventures of Meadowlark and His Passion for Golfntures of Meadowlark and His Passion for Golf

by Judith Tilton and Jake Magaldi

Illustrated by Kate Tortland

Meet Meadowlark, the tiny, big-hearted bird who is on a mission to learn how to play golf, then teach other birds how to play.

This delightful, uplifting story with rich, stunning illustrations, challenges conventional wisdom about the limitations and expectations assigned to all creatures at birth. A story about curiosity, determination, and what it takes to knock down widely held beliefs, Meadowlark’s tale illustrates how observation, perseverance, and the joy of learning open our eyes, not only to a world of possibilities, but to the world around us.

For beginning readers to fifth-graders, Meadowlark’s story is like a breath of fresh air, bringing relief from the dizzying pace of the high-tech world we live in.

Meet the Authors

Jake Magaldi, a New Jersey high-school student, has always had tremendous enthusiasm for learning and writing, combined with a passion for the outdoors and the world around him. In his free time, Jake enjoys playing golf with friends and family, including his grandmother, Judith Tilton.

Judith Schumacher-Tilton is president of Schumacher Chevrolet Auto Group, New Jersey’s largest volume Chevy dealer, with locations in Clifton, Denville, Livingston, and Little Falls. She is the recipient of multiple awards for her leadership roles in business, in her industry, and in the community she serves.

This book began with a “little seed” planted by Judi and came to life through Jake’s creative writing. Because of their love for each other and the game of golf, this grandson/grandmother author team helped that little seed to blossom into a beautiful story about a little bird, Meadowlark, and his passion for golf. Meadowlark’s goal is to learn to play golf and share his knowledge and joy for the game with all the other birds.

For more details, visit www.

CLICK HERE to order this charming hardcover book.

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Believe It and Receive It: Turn Your Dreams into Reality, by John A. Cafiero

Believe It and Receive It: Turn Your Dreams into Reality

Woodpecker Press is proud to announce the publication of

Believe It and Receive It: Turn Your Dreams into Reality
by John A. Cafiero

Believe It and Receive It: Turn Your Dreams into Reality explains how to achieve an extraordinary quality of life and how to align dreams with personal and professional goals. Readers will learn how to attract more of what they want in life and remove all that is no longer serving them. The author presents the concept of dream control, a method that can enable individuals to get to the next level in their relationships, finances, and career, and ultimately improve their level of happiness and joy in life.

John is giving his book away for free (just pay for shipping). Go to to sign up for your free book!


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Beautiful Journal for Self-Discovery: The Threads of My Coat, by Vanessa Y. McClinchy

The Threads of My Coat: A Personal Inventory of Who Your Are and the Roots of Your Engagement with the Worldmcclinchyvanessa_2The Threads of My Coat

A Personal Inventory of Who You Are
and the Roots of Your Engagement with the World

Vanessa Y. McClinchy

This beautiful cloth-covered personal journal is designed for a private journey of self-exploration and discovery. The author, who has facilitated the professional journey of more than thirty-thousand program participants across the U.S., goes into great detail on how to make the best use of this journal: 

“The answer to each question will help you identify a particular set of threads in your proverbial coat. Each thread represents associated emotions, thoughts, and memories that have the power to influence your mood, perspective, and behavior, perhaps decades after the originating event(s), even when the originating event(s) don’t seem immediately clear, or relevant.

Because the questions have been presented in a particular order to facilitate the flow and evolution of your thoughts, it is important that you answer each question before moving on to the next. At the end, you’ll find a final set of questions designed to assist you in processing your truths regarding the road traveled and help you to transition back into the present.

…your personal inventory will help you reflect on the circumstances and life events that have contributed to who and what you are today and assist you in beginning to understand the how—and even why—of your engagement with the world and those in it.”

Visit the “Our Books” page for more details.


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2016 Poetry Book, “My World, My Words” by Howard Hendrickson

My World, My Words


Woodpecker Press is proud to announce
the 2016 publication of
Howard Hendrickson’s latest book of poetry


My World, My Words


In this book, the author uses his poetry to express his inner feelings, relate a past event, or tell a story. Visit the “Our Books” page for more details on this book as well as Howard’s 2011 book of poems, Life, Love, and Laughter, also published by Woodpecker Press.

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BBB Author News: Brenda Hendrickson Art Exhibit at Kearny Bank in Montville on October 13

HendricksonBrenda-2009Big Bold Business Author Brenda Hendrickson will be exhibiting her paintings at Kearny Bank, 339 Main Street in Montville, NJ on October 13, 2016 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

In addition to being a contributing author to Volumes 1 and 2 of the Big Bold Business Book Series, Brenda is also the author of How to Be a Frugal Millionaire.

Her paintings are also available as prints, note card sets, and more.

The Neighbor News (Denville edition) covered the story. For more details,
read the full article.

Below are two of her originals.

blh_3_sm blh_7_sm_cr



The Big Bold Business Book Series and How to Be a Frugal Millionaire (e-book edition) are published by Woodpecker Press.

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Celebrate Local Writing Communities at Indie Author Day, October 8th

Indy Author DayJoin Montclair Public Library to celebrate local writing communities on October 8 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the main library auditorium.

Indie Author Day, a nationwide event sponsored by BiblioBoard, is designed to bring local emerging writers together to meet and learn from each other and to participate in author panels and lectures on self-publishing, self-marketing and other hot issues for indie writers, in addition to short readings and book signings.

The public is encouraged to attend and meet dozens of local aspiring authors, poets and graphic novelists, and to discover new talent.

Local writers will be selling their materials on-site for visitors to pick up their next favorite book.

If you plan on stopping by, please register ahead of time.

Click Here For More Info & To Register

Click Here For Directions

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Woodpecker Press Authors Turn Book Donation into Great PR

Two-Time BBB Authors Donate Second Volume of the Big Bold Business Book to the West Milford Township Library

This is a terrific way for authors to get free press and other PR exposure, and everyone wins. The library receives books for its collection at no cost, the authors get exposure in their town newspaper, and the BBB Book is now available to be read by the residents in their local library, which is great for the readers, the book, and all the other contributing authors as well.


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Check out Volume 2 of the Big Bold Business Book on Amazon

Add it to your summer reading list. There are 40 concise chapters written by entrepreneurs and business owners with insight, tips, and strategies for running and growing a business. Read a chapter a day and you’ll be on your way!

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Free Webinar for Authors on “How to Sell More Books, Non-Returnable to Non-Bookstore Buyers”

APSS_New_Jersey_Logo_CMYK_smAttention Authors

The New Jersey Chapter of the Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS) is hosting a free webinar for authors and indie publishers on February 9 at noon to help authors and publishers increase book sales. The webinar, “Introduction to Special Sales: How to Sell More Books, Non-Returnable to Non-Bookstore Buyers,” is being presented by Brian Jud, APSS executive director. To sign up, visit: This free webinar is open to members and nonmembers. The recorded webinar will be available for member access after the live event.

According to Kathy Miller, president of the APSS New Jersey Chapter, “the term ‘Special Sales’ is unclear to many people. This webinar will educate attendees on the massive opportunity authors have in selling books to non-bookstore buyers.”

Jud adds, “every year, more books are sold to buyers in market segments outside of bookstores than are sold in bookstores, and they can be sold more profitably, in large quantities, and on a non-returnable basis. These include buyers for discount stores, warehouse clubs, corporations, associations, schools, the military, and many more. In this presentation you will discover how to find new markets for existing titles, locate new users for your existing information, and find how to repurpose your basic information anDonna R. Thompson - Owner of Woodpecker Press and Publisher of Big Bold Businessd increase your sales and profits.”

Woodpecker Press owner and publishing director, Donna Thompson, has been appointed as the Communications Coordinator for the new New Jersey Chapter.

The Association of Publishers for Special Sales (APSS) mission is to become known as the premier source of information, education, and help for publishers of high-quality content published in printed, electronic, or audio form for sale to consumers, non-bookstore retailers, and non-retail buyers. APSS provides high-quality, functional, and innovative sales and marketing resources that enhance content producers’ efforts to grow their businesses profitably. Publishers know there is always much to learn in the fast-changing book-selling industry. APSS is a dynamic, growing organization dedicated to the success of its members and provides members with benefits that will help them sell more books, make more money, and raise their standing as experts in their field. For more information, visit

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