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Big Bold Business® Contributing Author Guidelines

Read this…and get ready to write.

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1. Your Chapter: Share your expertise with the world. Write a 750- to 1000-word original chapter that is of value to the reader. You create value when you solve a problem, expose myths about your area of expertise, share insider tips that save time or money, and address trends. How-to, case studies, and do-it-yourself (DIY) pieces offer value. Remember, the target audience is business owners. Include a suggested title for your chapter. Read the sample article.

Your Bio Box: Write a 100-word description of your company and include your contact information. This will go in your bio box at the end of your chapter. Refer to the sample bio box in the sample article.

Chapter Deadline: Send your chapter, including your bio information, as a Word Document along with your photo, to by the deadline in your Author Agreement.

Label your file like this: Last Name-First Name-date submitted (Smith-Samantha-5-8-17.doc).

Your Photo (Head Shot): Readers want to see what you look like and nothing beats a photo taken by a professional photographer. Send your Head Shot as a separate high-resolution (300 dpi) JPEG file.

Label your JPEG file like this: Last Name-First Name-date submitted (Smith-Samantha-5-8-17.jpg).

2. Editing Your Chapter: After you submit your chapter, it will be edited for clarity, logic, and organization. This includes rephrasing, tightening, and eliminating wordiness in your copy. This is your work—it will represent you. The editor will not rewrite your chapter, although will contact you if she has questions. Your chapter will get at least two read-throughs.

3. Proofreading Your Chapter: Proofreading assures consistency of style throughout the book. Your chapter will be checked for typos, as well as capitalization, punctuation, and other mechanical inconsistencies or errors.

4. We do, however, need your help, so before submitting your chapter, please verify the following:

Correct spelling of people’s names, company names, titles, etc.


Source for any quotes

Sources if you reference a study or someone else’s work

NOTE: We use Merriam-Webster as our guide for spelling and the Chicago Manual of Style as our standard editorial style guide.

5. Final Copy: You will receive your final edited manuscript as a PDF file. You will OK the final copy of your edited chapter before it goes to the printer, so please read it carefully.

We can’t wait to read your chapter. If you have any questions, please contact the BBB series editor, Joyce Restaino, at


Click HERE to Download Author Guidelines PDF


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